I Make Up Worlds

As Kate Elliott I’ve been publishing science fiction and fantasy fiction for thirty years with a particular focus on immersive world building & centering women in epic stories of adventure & transformative cultural change.

While I will update my subscribers on my book news, mostly I’ll be posting about writing craft, world building, the process of writing (the good, the bad, and the chasm of doubt), the experience of publishing, my views and random observations on genre and popular culture, and probably a bit about outrigger canoe paddling, Hawaii, baking, my bullet journal, aging as a woman in a youth-focused culture, and my good-natured schnauzer Finn.

In other words: a distilled essence of what I’ve learned, what I’m struggling with, and what I remain completely confused about.

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Where Should I Start With Your Novels <== My boy band answer to an often asked question.


Extras (links to posts and free fiction).

Kate Elliott home page (the original although not as up to date as it should be).

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30+ years as a working sff writer has given me lots of opinions on craft, writing skills, world building, publishing & genre. Still more questions than answers though.


Writer. Reader. Science fiction and fantasy. Thirty years in the field and still working. Craft, skills, analysis, and ruminating. Owns a schnauzer.